Weekly Uplift – Vision



When I was an adolescent, I fretted about what I was going to do with my life. “Where do I fit?” I wondered. “What is God’s vision for me?” I thought. “Where should I go to college/university?” I asked. “What is God’s vision for me?” I thought.

A vision helps us have a general sense of where we are going. 

A vision can be a story, a phrase, a direction. 

A vision can give shape to our behavior and our character.

Let me offer a story to explain vision further. A young adult, watching the news coverage of the shootings last week, asked, “What is wrong with our country?” I pondered that question as I was running on the Raccoon Trail on Monday with our dog Bentley and did not have him on a leash. He was behaving himself and staying toward the right side of the trail and enjoying the run. A bike rider came upon us fast (I had not noticed him, as I normally do) and yelled the appropriate passing announcement, “On your left!” Then, as he was passing us, he yelled back “(expletive deleted) nice!” I assume that he did not like that the dog was not on a leash. I, frankly, did not blame him. Yet, he did not slow down to talk about this. 

And, so I yelled up to him, “Why don’t you come back here and let’s talk about this?” I was going to apologize to him, explain that Bentley typically does not need a leash in such weather—he stays to the side and out of the way of cyclists, etc.—and yet, I still needed to have him tethered. Yet, the bicyclist did not slow down or turn around and give me the opportunity to engage with him in dialogue about this issue. He kept on riding. 

As I reflected on this exchange, I mused that the problem with our country is that we so often don’t talk WITH one another about issues. We talk AT each other:

Not listening to the other side.



Throwing verbals bombs at the other while we can stay at a comfortable distance and not engage in the tough business of working out our problems in community (e-mail and facebook—both of which I use and enjoy on a regular basis—are easy venues for this kind of avoidant behavior).

Talking WITH each other about our issues is precisely a part of the VISION that I believe God has for the church: being an example and a catalyst in dialogue and community conversation. Maybe you agree. Maybe you disagree. Let’s talk about what we believe is God’s vision for Adel-First Christian Church. You will have opportunity for input into this question on Sunday and Thursday of this coming week. 

Please, come, and be part of the conversation!
– Pastor Doug