Weekly Uplift – From Heavy to Light Hearts


March 18, 2020. A good friend of mine died today—Pastor John Claussen from Park Avenue Christian Church. And, I did a short funeral service and a graveside service for Kathryn Dawes today. I’m saddened by the suffering from Covid 19. I’m down about the negativity that continues to plague our media and comments.

How do we deal with our heavy hearts?

A difficult question. A heavy heart is one of the demons this Lent that I will attempt to address in this Sunday’s message.* Suffice to say that a heavy heart is actually part of living. But, what happens to us when it all gets to be too much . . . when there are too many burdens, too much heaviness? That’s when we have to deal with our demon of heaviness. Some might call it depression. Others might refer to it as severe melancholy.

The good news here is that we have resources: friends who will listen to us and help share our burden or unburden us of some of this heaviness; professional therapy and medications for severe cases; a Great Friend Jesus who carries this burden for us if we give it to Him; and a Great God who continues to ground us and bless us with life and energy . . . and ultimately heal us.

These resources are greater than any heavy heart or heaviness the world can throw at us. Our God is bigger than all of it. And, Our Savior helps us go up our hills, as our main image suggests. “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us” (Philippians 4:13, paraphrased).

Pastor Doug

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