Weekly Uplift – It’s Personal


When the new coverage began early this year about this pandemic I watched and was concerned.

As our nation had its first case, I was more concerned.

As Iowa got its first cases, spread by those who had been abroad, I became more concerned.

As it was announced that Dallas County had its first community spread case a couple of weeks ago, I became worried.

And, on Monday when I heard that a close family member (not in Iowa) actually has Covid-19 per a phone screening and NOT because of an actual test because there are still not enough tests available, I felt many things . . .




Anger and even Rage at the fact that the richest nation in the world cannot organize itself enough to provide the proper health equipment, tests, etc. to protect and help all the people who need to be helped, tested, etc.

The biggest thing I felt on Monday was, “Now, it’s personal.”

It’s a personal attack on my family . . . in this war on this virus. And, I continue to be a soldier in this war.


So, what do I do next?

I pray and talk with my wife and friends who help me with my own feelings.

I continue to practice the life and spiritual disciplines that ground me and keep me healthy: daily prayer, daily Bible reading, faith connections with others, exercising, tithing to our church, eating mostly nutritious food, enjoying sunsets and good books and helpful shows and my family, loving God and others, prayerwalking with my puppies, etc.


What I will NOT do: Give in, Give up, Be defeated, Lose Hope or Faith, Despair



TRUST in God who is helping and will ultimately deliver us.

PRAY for healing and help for all who need.

HOPE that all the good words and actions going into defeating this killer disease in this war are overcoming it.

WORK in the fields to which God calls me.

LOVE GOD AND FOLLOW JESUS, who guides me toward a better life every day.


I pray that you follow God’s guidance as to your next best steps in this time.



Pastor Doug

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