Weekly Uplift – “&: From Positioning To Following”

Other than an item in a Kum & Go advertisement, what does this symbol mean to you? Actually, similar to what that ad says, “&” means more. If we reflect on our relationships, our families, our work, our recreation, our lives, the “&” means a lot. It means more than the individual parts. What happens when we put several people together—not doing their own thing but playing a game together? “&” comes into play. The actions and interactions between people. The words exchanged. The plays developed in a sports game. The crowd involvement in such a game. All of these make interactions among individuals involved so much more than the sum of the parts.

With &, there is an interactive vibe or energy.

With &, there is power that transcends individuals.

With &, there is strategy that goes beyond what one person can do.

With &, there is the spirit of community.

And, that is what we are lacking today, right? In our physical distancing. (I like James Corden’s recent re-titling of what we should be doing. Not social distancing. Physical distancing (the “6 feet rule) is what we need to follow.) In fact, many of us need to be more socially and community connected than ever—precisely because we can’t do this physically. At First Christian Church of Adel, IA, I really miss our hugs and handshakes on Sunday mornings, for example.

Because of the &—the being together, close.

Hence, our attempts to foster “&” with our prayers in general and specific, our prayerwalking, our Facebook Livestreaming, our phone calls, our visits with people at a safe distance at the store, and our Zoom Meetings. I understand a reluctance we might have to putting our faces on a screen for others to see. But, let’s be honest here . . . we put our faces out every normal day when we go out and interact with people. A Zoom or Skype meeting is no different.

Thank God we have this technology so that we can stay connected.

Thank God we can walk in our neighborhoods and wave at people, and—from a safe distance—say “Hi” and ask about how we are doing and care.

Thank God we can watch programs or read books or play games or work on puzzles or journal or pray or do a hundred other things that can connect us with God and one another.

Live the & this week!


Let the Spring air blow into your lives the blessings of the Holy Spirit!


Pastor Doug

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