Weekly Uplift-“Where is God in this Pandemic? God on Grief”


There are many things to lament in this pandemic. So many situations and happenings to be sad about. The deaths and sicknesses. The restrictions. The frustrations with changing protocols and instructions. The requirements for workers to stay on jobs that are dangerous for them.

This Sunday, we’ll talk about grief and lament . . . and where God is with our grief and lament.

Do you have something to lament or grieve about? Come to our Drive-In worship and share.

Do you wonder how our grief is helping us through this crisis? Come to discover how “blessed it is to mourn” (Matthew 5:4a).

Are you asking how God might comfort us in our lamentation? (Matthew 5:4b). Come and see where the “God sightings” are.

What can we definitively say about God’s presence through grief? Several things . . .

  1. God is WITH US! Feeling our pain. Knowing our sense of loss. Walking with us in these difficult days through Jesus.
  2. God is giving us RESOURCES to comfort us and help us with loss: strength, courage, crying, anger, love.
  3. God is giving us each other to help us through, to carry one another’s burdens. The Spirit of God is living and working through one another (and through family and friends) to lift us up and keep us moving forward in faith.

Last weekend, Debbie and I both rode a “round the block bike ride” on the Raccoon River Valley Trail—72 miles. It was hard at times because of the wind we had to push through. What helped each of us was a sense of God all around us—in the wildlife, in the beautiful spring flowers and flowering trees and bushes, and in the smiling people we encountered on the trail.

Please grieve. Please look for God in the grief. Please accept God’s help through the grief. Please know God is healing us through this grief.


Pastor Doug

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