Weekly Uplift – “Where Are We Going?”

Usually, I write an Uplift article about the topic for the upcoming sermon. And, I will end on that note or reflection. But, the events of the last week, along with a pandemic that continues to kill people, have caught my attention and spirit and prompt me to reflect with you about their significance.

First, let us acknowledge that the actions and images that we are seeing are about death, suffering, and sin. The killing of George Floyd. The seeming acquiescence of the other officers at the scene of the death. The violence and looting. The death numbers from the pandemic that continue to grow larger. An economy in serious trouble, with so many unemployed.

But, there are other images and words. The chants for justice. The arguments for better processes through our policing and criminal justice systems. The police who offer safety for peaceful protestors and our communities and who kneel in solidarity with the purpose for the peaceful protests. Our health professionals and community leaders who continue to heal and help those in need. Business leaders, particularly owners of small businesses, who continue to offer their goods and services faithfully.

Bishop T.D. Jakes of Dallas, Texas spoke on Wednesday on CBS This Morning about 3 pandemics: Racial Injustice, the Economic Downturn, and Covid-19. I believe he sums up well the formidable challenges we are now facing.

Where can we turn? Where are we going as a church, as a community, as a nation?

Though, I cannot answer these questions definitely, I can offer a direction. Inasmuch as each of us follows the Bible’s clear and right direction and its specific instructions, then there is great Hope for our church, our community, and our nation.

Here are a few of those instructions:

God chooses and blesses justice (Amos 5:24), and that includes racial justice.

God chooses and blesses righteousness and good policing and legal officials who seek to do the right thing.

God chooses and blesses the respectful behavior toward businesses and police on the part of protestors, who remain peaceful.

God chooses and blesses life over death and the practices among us that help heal those who are sick.

God chooses meaningful and respectable work that is safe for all concern—over destitution and poverty.

And here is where we come in: whatever we can do to aid and support these 5 instructions (and others related to them), God blesses this activity . . . and multiplies its growth. Whatever we do to tear down others, God condemns this activity—which leads to more death, suffering, and sin.

Our faith activity—be it prayer, supporting leaders who lead in helpful ways, worship, supporting our police, helping those in need, supporting the poor, listening to people of color—can be summed up in one word: Love. Our topic for this coming Sunday.

Come and worship a God of Love. And, let us pray to our God of Love that we are led well through this time down a road that is constructive, beneficial, and a blessing to all.

Friends, let us choose love. And, in so doing let us bless others and bless what God is doing among us.


Pastor Doug

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