Weekly Uplift – “Hope”

For your uplift this week, I share three quotes about Hope. Hope, an essential tool in our Faith Tool Kit.

In these changing times, a quote from Lamin O. Sanneh:

“When opportunity knocks, the wise will build bridges while the timorous will build dams. It is a new day.”

“And now, looking towards the future, it is the solemn duty of every awakened spirit to enlarge, deepen and enrich this hope for mankind. Every movement of pessimism is a betrayal of the purposes of God; a short-circuiting of the spiritual energy that flows from Him through living souls. The web of life is infinitely sensitive to the morbid activity of each of its cells. There can hardly be a more lethal weapon than the mind of a nation filled with the thought that war must come, or that society is running downhill; and some responsibility for this corporate mind rests upon every citizen. Thought is a great and sacred force given to us by God; our share in the life that lies behind appearance. It is a creative force when filled with Hope; a destructive force when it concentrates on the ground floor and its often deplorable state, and calls this ‘facing reality.’ Hence the building up of a public opinion full of Hope, because it tends with confidence to God and the things of God, is a spiritual duty laid upon all Christians; who are bound to believe in the continuous incarnation of His Spirit in human life, and to make plain the paths along which that Spirit can move. We do nothing for the Kingdom by going into the garden to eat political or ecclesiastical worms.” — Evelyn Underhill, The House of the Soul.

“Everything that is done in the world is done by Hope.” — Martin Luther


Pastor Doug

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