Weekly Uplift – ” Time Is Coming For Us”

Many have noted that in this time of quarantine time feels different for us. We will talk about our experience of time and what our faith has to say about this experience in the next several weeks at First Christian Church of Adel.

First, we know that there are different ways for us to mark and notice time. Clocks and watches and cell phones and even the cycles of the sun and moon can tell us about what time it is.

But, there is a different kind of time—the time that comes at us. A type of time (in the Biblical Greek called Kairos) that means fulfillment, completion. We who believe in Jesus know that our fulfillment has come in the coming of Jesus. And, as we let Jesus continue to enter our lives—much as the sun rises in the morning—then a sense of fulfillment, “being full,” feeling blessed, completion, etc. becomes real for us.

We are fulfilled.

So, may we let time come at us—God’s time, that is. And, may we let it fill us with God’s good things: peace, love, understanding, forgiveness, courage, hope, power, etc.


Pastor Doug

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