Weekly Uplift – “Mindful Moments”

(disclaimer: this is NOT our grandbaby, but s/he sure is cute!)
Do you have mindful moments? Do you have moments in your days in which you are carried to a new height or depth of contemplation, reflection, and enjoyment in a particular moment? Would you like to experience such moments?
If you’d like to explore what leads to such moments . . . and discover what Samuel Morse, the acronym PINE, and Manna From Heaven have to do with such moments . . . then come Sunday to Drive In Worship to First Christian Church’s East parking lot and join by Zoom phone dial-in (or stay at home and join by Zoom—links are in another part of this Uplift).
I introduce this topic today by inviting all of us this week to spend a few minutes each day (even one helps!) in breathing deeply and appreciating a gift or two from God that we experienced in the last 24 hours. And, appreciating a blessing that we are now receiving.
Then, notice how you feel.
Perhaps you may have a sense—however small—of God’s Spirit around, within and/or inside you.
May you truly know this sense of God’s Spirit this week.
May Jesus lead you to Mindful Moments.
May God birth within you a strong belief and feeling of God’s closeness.
Pastor Doug

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