Weekly Uplift – “Holy Days”

What do “holidays” mean for you? What meaningful moments have you experienced during holidays? What are some of the feelings—positive and negative—you have experienced? Who do you remember being with? Where have you been during holidays? Have there been special places you remember? In what era in your life or era in the world do you remember particular holidays?

A good list of questions to get us started on the topic of Time as Holy-Days or Holidays.

We had a holiday of sorts last Sunday as we celebrated worship together as a church through a Drive In. Then, we enjoyed fellowship, visiting, slushies, and baked good together, all physically distanced and wearing masks (THANK YOU, CHURCH!). What a wonderful TIME of being together and enjoying one another—something we’ve not been allowed to do on this scale for several months now.

As I reflect back on the holidays or Holy-Days that have seemed extra special over the years, there have been special places, special food, special things, special presents, special activities, special weather, etc. associated with each of them. But, the one item common to all that made them so special was people. When I was with people who were special to me, the holiday seemed all the more holy.

More expansively . . . when I feel especially close to God on a certain day, I feel holy—that this day is a HolyDay.

May we feel close to God and may we know the blessing of special people during all the holidays of our lives.

May we look upon others—especially God—as special as we “live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28) with them and so anoint our days as Holy Days.


Pastor Doug

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