Weekly Uplift-“What Is Truth?”


How do we get from this . . .
. . . to this . . .

Well, looking at the photos, it might help to have a lake and hills with beautiful trees around us. And, there is certainly truth in this observation.

The deeper truth here is that we recognize the DEEPER TRUTH of our lives. The Way, THE TRUTH, and the life — who Jesus is for us. And, this deeper truth comes not in the anxieties of trying to get things done a certain way in everyday life, but by simply being open to the TRUTH of Jesus.

Jesus is THE TRUTH.

Not the emotional roller coasters,

conflicts with difficult people,

challenges that seem unsolvable that may cause us to overreact emotionally or unsettle us.

Jesus is THE TRUTH.

Not what we are told in the media or our government or even our friends as to what is important insofar as humanity is concerned.

Jesus is THE TRUTH.

Not our failed tasks,

our missed deadlines,

our troubled hearts,

our severe judgments about others.

We will discover anew THE TRUTH this Sunday as we seek to answer the question in August worship, “Who has THE TRUTH for our lives?”

Come @ 9 a.m. for our Live Stream through Adel First Christian Church Facebook page or YouTube channel page, watch, participate, like our church YouTube channel, type in comments on either of the pages, pray, ponder, sing, have communion, and be blessed by THE TRUTH of Jesus in your life.


Pastor Doug

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