Weekly Uplift-“On Turning 60-Grow Up”

As I hold my new swaddled grandbaby and reflect on how he is growing and changing daily . . . as I’ve just turned 60 . . . as I struggle with my share of recent challenges, I’m learning a lot this year,

this Covid-19 year,this racial reckoning year,

this economically challenging year,

this climate change year with the Derecho and wildfires, etc.

I’m not only receiving knowledge about all of these pandemics. I’m learning about me. God seems to be sending me more messages lately. And, these messages are not about being hopeless or quitting or running away or blaming others. They are mainly saying one thing: Grow Up.

First, notice that the “Grow Up” message does not have an explanation mark after it. This message is not meant to be harsh. It’s meant to be encouraging.

Second, notice that this message does not mean that OTHERS are supposed to grow up (that would be great, too), but I’M  supposed to spend my energies trying to “grow myself up.”

This message of “Grow Up” has many parts:

Follow God’s lead.

Take on your share of the suffering around you.

Don’t lash out or take out your frustrations on others.

Speak your mind, but be mindful of the other positions on an issue.

Follow Jesus.

Don’t wish for a better life. Better the life you now have.

Be grateful.

Explore the other side (or many sides) of an issue or argument.

Listen well.

Listen to God’s Spirit guiding you and speak out when directed.

Be mindful of the injustice of people of color and do something once a week about it.

Be kind.

Bless and encourage others.

Do something tangible that helps others.


So, what is God saying to you lately?

How are you to Grow Up?


Pastor Doug

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