Weekly Uplift-“From Tribalsim To Wholeness=From Darkness To Light”

Are we feeling blind? Or, blinded? Are the increasing Covid-19 numbers, the continuing angst about the resolution to the election; economic hardships; the climate crisis in the form of hurricanes and high winds, etc.; and the continued outrage about racial injustice all blinding us to the better nature we know is within ourselves and others? Are we blinded to the good news that is around and within us? Can we not see evidence of God’s hand that touches us with love and patience?

These questions probe our souls and poke our spirits in such a time as this.

How are we blind?

What helps us?

There is a powerful story in the Bible about a man who was born blind and who was healed from his blindness by Jesus. This healing provoked a firestorm of conflict with the ruling leaders (religious) of Jesus’ day. There are many insights and helps for our times that can be received from this story in John 9:24-38, which we will hear during worship this Sunday, November 15, 9 a.m. CST (and recorded on YouTube and Facebook—see links below).

One powerful force that blinds us today is tribalism = believing that my “tribe” or group with which we identify and its set of beliefs is better than that of another tribe. And, not only that but the other tribe has got to be evil and dark, which stirs up strong feelings of hate and even destruction in us. This is a different force than standing up for what is good and proclaiming truth as we see it. Tribalism has more to do with the demonization of others. When we demonize, we consign ourselves to darkness. We are blind to the God-given life and light in others. And, we see ourselves and others as not whole nor part of a whole society. We see ourselves as a tribe—simply a part of the world—limited—and even small and petty.

Just as he did with the blind man, Jesus calls us out of our darkness, out of our exclusiveness, out of our hatred, out of our tribalism . . . and into God’s light, part of a whole world, seeing the beauty of God within ourselves and others.

So, come out of the dark

                and embrace the light;

come out of tribalism

                and know wholeness;

come out of hate

                and know God’s glorious love.

Such a movement may just help save the world.

It will certainly save your life . . . and mine.


Pastor Doug

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