Weekly Uplift-“What Have We Received?”


As we reflect on the past year, we have undoubtedly many feelings and thoughts. What have we received during this year, when we look at it from a faith perspective?

We have lived through a pandemic this year—that in itself in wondrous and even miraculous. We can celebrate!

We have not only lived through this year, we have given to others. Financially. Emotionally. Spiritually. We have listened. Cared. Blessed. We can rejoice at this giving in which we helped the world in a difficult time!

We have not only given to others, we have received help from others. Essential workers, health care workers, teachers, friends, family and a long list of others have given of their time, expertise and service to us. We can be grateful for these gifts!

We have not just received help, but we have been honest—to God, to ourselves, and to others—when we have faltered, when we have struggled, and when we have doubted. This honesty is central to our faith (see Psalm 51:6). We can thank God for the blessing of being honest!

We have not just been honest, but we have expressed our faith in God in so many ways. And, we have relied on our faith to carry us through times and situations that were difficult. We have let our faith sustain us and grow our souls so that our lives and those of people around us have been enriched. We can express our joy in such a faith that gives us life, even in hard times.

God sent God’s son into a hard time in the history of the world to give us love and faith and hope. In the midst of this difficult time, we can similarly receive the faith and hope and love that only God can give.

Let us receive these gifts this season.

Let us give these same gifts to others.


Pastor Doug

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