Weekly Uplift-“Light”

Wow. What a day January 6, 2021 was. How can our faith help us? What is to be our response?

I believe and I fervently hope that this day will be known in our country’s history as a turning point. A moment in which rhetoric that leads to hate and violence is exposed and rejected for the sin that it is.

Such darkness that accompanied the armed insurrection of our nation’s capitol on and capital on Tuesday can only be met with light.

Light that reveals the evil done.

Light that resists the sins committed.

Light that restrains us from like reaction.

Light that reflects the Star of Bethlehem (that we celebrate on January 6) that led strangers to the love of God in the birth of Jesus.

Light that brightens our way toward a new hope and a new day, in which . . .

People of different colors, creeds, political affiliations, religions, legitimate beliefs, etc. can talk civilly and rationally about their disagreements and respectfully disagree yet get along.

People can come to agreement in certain areas and then work together for their mutual improvement.

People can learn to love one another, particularly other people who are different than they are.

So, what can we do now, here? Let me suggest . . .

  1. Stand with integrity on the issues we feel strongly about.
  2. Call behavior that is evil and sin and stand against it (notice I wrote “behavior” and not “person”—it’s God’s job to decide what a person is like, not ours).
  3. Welcome the moments, things, people, and places of light that shine in our lives.
  4. Shine the light of God on others. Pray for them. Help them with groceries. Shovel snow in a neighbor’s drive. Smile at the person from the store. Wave at a first responder.

The Light of Christ be with you all.

The Light of the Bethlehem Star be with you always.

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Pastor Doug

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