Weekly Uplift-“Now”

“Hindsight is 2020.” We have often heard this aphorism. It takes on new meaning now that we have lived through 2020.

One thing I (and others) have learned—again!—from hindsight into 2020 is the blessing of THE NOW.

We can go through the imagination and dreaming of what we might do in the future—and this is a GOOD thing!

We can go through an assessment of past events and even rehearse what we might have done better—and this is a GOOD thing!

But, neither of these compares to living in the moment of NOW,

thanking God for what and who we have RIGHT NOW,

experiencing life in its fullest NOW,

and taking in everything that the world gives to us in the HERE and NOW as a blessing from God.

Others have spoken eloquently of living in the NOW (I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle’s books, videos, or audio recordings), but suffice it to say HERE that living in the NOW is precisely what our faith inspires us to do. See Romans 13:11 (and following) and similar scriptures.

NOW is the time in which we can know fulfillment in life—not in some future event or reckoning.

NOW is the time in which we can have the resolutions we want—not in correcting some past event.

NOW is the time in which we have the recognition, the reimbursement, the respect we’ve desired—not something that comes from people or an institution but from Jesus who loves us dearly.

NOW is the time in which we can know the love we’ve always wanted—not that from any other human being but from God who loves us so much that God came Godself to us in Jesus and continues to give us Godself through the gift of the Holy Spirit



Enjoy your NOW. And, know its Power.


Pastor Doug

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