Weekly Uplift-“Helpful Lenses”

This week we focus on clarity—in a world that seems fuzzy with information (too much!), lies, half-truths, distortions, etc. what helps us be clear about our lives, our faith, our communities, and our nation? What lenses can we put on, if you will, that help us see our lives and our world more clearly?

There are many resources that can help us clarify our worlds as followers of Jesus which we will explore this Sunday January 17 through Worship on FacebookLive and YouTube. For now, let me suggest that we first remember that Jesus is “The Way, The Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6). If we have daily communication with Jesus, we can put on helpful lenses that discern the “smoke and mirrors” of deception and clarify the truth.

Jesus as the Truth shows us that—no matter the ideology or party stance or theology—some groups and creeds lead to destruction and some lead to life and growth. Choose Life!

Jesus as the Truth shows us that hatred and ill-will lead to our own self-destruction—as people, as communities, and as a nation. Choose Care and Generosity!

Jesus as the Truth shows us that sometimes we have to oppose evil, stand up to what is wrong, and identify the hurtful acts of  people. Choose Courage and Measured Words.

Jesus as the Truth shows us that evil seeks to tear down and humiliate as well as self-promote and self-focus. Choose Building Up in Humility!

Jesus as the Truth shows us that apathy among the good leads to uprisings of bad elements in our community. Choose Engagement, Prayer, and Courage.

Jesus as the Truth shows us that slavishly following one group of people (whatever side!) without critique leads to idolatry. Choose Reasoned, Thoughtful Dissent.

Jesus as the Truth shows us that healthy habits of Kindness, Grace, Fortitude, Forbearance, Goodness, Strength, and Love help build good lives and good communities.

Choose Jesus!


Pastor Doug

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