Weekly Uplift-“Rise”

In these difficult times, we have heard—and maybe even said—“What can we do?”

We will explore various answers to this question during Lent with upbeat Worship services that focus on the theme, “What we CAN do!”

We will look this Sunday at welcoming God’s Healing into our lives through raising us.

What CAN we do? We can let God heal us and lift us up spiritually.

What CAN we do? We can not just sit around and wait for healing, but we can let God help us rise by resolving with Jesus’ help to not stay in whatever ill health we may be in—sin or despair or inner hurt or whatever.

What CAN we do? We can let God lift our spirits through inspiring our minds, through giving us hope, through strengthening our bodies through exercise and good nutrition.

What CAN we do? We can rise with God to meet occasions that call from us Christ-like behavior, like . . .

Courage to confront a hurtful comment or bad action;

Silence to bear witness to and support someone who is suffering;

Forbearance to stay in a frenzied situation that needs a calming presence;

Hopefulness to offer a helping hand to a family or group that is struggling.

Let us RISE with Jesus to respond to God’s calling to be the people God wants.

What might RISE mean for us, specifically? Come to worship Sunday and explore the answer to this question for your life.


Pastor Doug

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