Weekly Uplift-“Look For The Unexpected”

It was one of the most unexpected friendships I’ve ever had. I—a bookish young man with combed hair and concern for my clothing from a rural area who had never been in a big city like Chicago for more than a few hours. He—an extravert par excel-lance and life-long big city (Chicago) boy who chatted easily with everyone, who had unruly curly hair, whose clothes were disheveled, who had a winning smile and kind heart. I liked George so much that I even spent my spring break of my senior year at the University of Illinois—almost 40 years ago (hard to believe!)—staying with him and his family in a downtown Chicago neighborhood. He struggled with Spanish. I did well in it. And so, I helped him. I struggled with city life and was shy in conversation. He helped me. It was a good friendship.

And, unexpected. Because of the differences between us.

When has God blessed your life with someONE, someTHING, or someTIME that was unexpectedly a blessing for you?

I encourage us to “keep a look out” (as in the photo of the boy with the telescope) for such unexpected blessings.

I suppose that the title for this week’s Uplift article is a bit misleading, to say the least. How can we “look” for the unexpected? Perhaps a better way to phrase this reflection would be “be open to the unexpected.” Yet, this seems too trite or blase. The truth is that it is important for us to notice or look for things out of the ordinary that might impact . . . and even bless us. Perhaps we can pray for God to open our eyes and direct our sight to the unexpected divine blessings God wants us to receive.

Be Open.


Receive the Unexpected.


Pastor Doug

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