Weekly Uplift-“The Lord Needs It”

In Luke’s version (19:28-40) of the Palm Sunday story (which we once again live this coming Sunday), Jesus instructs his disciples to find a colt on which he can triumphantly ride into Jerusalem and from which he can receive the praises of the crowd. Twice in this story it is written that “The Lord needs it [the animal].” As we consider the ways in which we can give praise, adoration, worship, “hosannas” to God as revealed to us in Jesus, have we considered what form this praise might take? Of course, we can think of singing, saying the words, thinking the words, praying, etc.

But, what about being needed . . . by God. How does God need us? How does Jesus need us?

I ask us to sit with that question for a few moments as we might reflect on several things:

+what particular skills we have that God can use

+what words we might say that offer praise to God

+what temperament we may adopt to reflect Jesus’ presence to others

+where Jesus might use us for a particular job or task or ongoing mission

How is God needing you . . . and me . . . this Palm Sunday? And, beyond?

The answer to this question might surprise us, might engage us, and might encourage us to hang out a little longer in that crowd that is praising Jesus. Whatever the answer, be part the crowd welcoming Jesus as Leader/King in your life. And, praise Jesus with your answer to God’s need.



Pastor Doug

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