Weekly Uplift-“The Truth”

What do the despair of Jesus’ death, an argument with an 8 year old, traveling in Europe, the Wesley Quadrilateral, our “culture war” arguments, and the dog Buck from the Call of the Wild all have in common? Well, come Sunday to worship at First Christian Church in Adel either in person or on-line to explore all of these to answer this question.

These can have in common an experience of “The Truth.” Today, it seems as if “The Truth” is harder to come by. We live in an age of multiple media outlets that each have their own “spin” on or version of the truth.

Yet, Christ-followers know a deeper Truth. A Truth that goes beyond what is told today. A Truth that goes deeper than any of our well-reasoned and well-argued answers.

We know Jesus as The Truth.

A relational Truth.

A Truth that, at its core, is Love.

A Truth that encompasses and outshines all of the smaller truths around.

A Truth that shines more brightly in darkness and despair.

A Truth that draws people toward it, rather than repels them with harshness and judgment.

A Truth that even gives Life in the midst of death.

A Truth that is especially known through the events of Holy Week that lead to the death of Jesus and the resurrection of Jesus as the Christ—our Lord and Savior.

Come and Discover (again) that Truth this week through our Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services (both @ 7 p.m. on-line).

Come and Celebrate the New Dawn of that Truth this Easter through Worship @ 9 a.m. (on-line and in person).


Pastor Doug

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