Weekly Uplift-“Sabbath: Why?”

We continue our focus this season on taking sabbath time by looking more deeply into “why?” give yourself sabbath time. Why is sabbath time important?

To offer a perspective on these questions, I quote Stephen R. Covey from Principle-Centered Leadership:

“People with an abundance mentality reserve time for solitude. People with a scarcity mentality are often bored when they are alone because of the merry-go-round nature of their lives. Cultivate the ability to be alone and to think deeply, to enjoy silence and solitude. Reflect, write, listen, plan, prepare, visualize, ponder, relax.

Nature can teach us many valuable lessons and replenish our spiritual reserves. Serene natural settings make us more contemplative and peaceful and better prepared to return to the fast pace of our careers.”

So, part of the answer to “why take sabbath with God?” is that time in sabbath or solitude (or both!) replenishes our spiritual reserves. AND, gives us a fresh vision of God’s plan for us.

The rest and re-focus in solitude and sabbath nearly always gives us a new or resurrected focus in life. The life of Jesus as recorded in the gospels has many instances of Jesus’ “going away” into solitude to refresh himself (see Mark 6:31). The apostle Paul speaks of the vision we receive and the “new creation” we become in 2 Corinthians 5:17: “So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new!”

In these hard times of tiredness and fatigue, are you looking for renewal and resurrection? If so, I encourage you to give yourself time in solitude, in nature, and with God. Give yourself a sabbath or sabbatical.


Pastor Doug

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