Weekly Uplift-“Maturity”

When you think of the word “maturity,” what comes to mind?

When I think of this word, I think of people I have known who have demonstrated mature living, mature thinking, mature acting, and mature talking. I reflect upon the saints (people through whom I have seen God) who have evinced maturity in their life. I think of a senior member of a church who revealed a vulnerable part of themselves . . . and then went on to reveal how their faith has helped them. I think of another senior member of a church long ago who was against physically moving the location of their church . . . but who went on to accept the consensus of where the rest of the church felt the Spirit was guiding. I think of church servants of all ages who have made sacrifices to give to their congregations, their community, their families, etc.—especially through mission projects, etc.

And, I think most of all of Jesus. Who thought not of himself, but of God’s will for him. So that he became humble . . . and obedient to God’s will (Philippians 2).

What does maturity mean for you?

How is God leading you into maturity, now?

How are you immature and perhaps need God’s guidance for change?

How are you helping others to grow in their maturity?

As our main image suggests, we will explore the puzzle pieces of maturity this Sunday (and, in a fun and funny manner). I look forward to seeing you and to discovering new pieces of maturity together!


Pastor Doug

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