Weekly Uplift-“What to Celebrate?”


We celebrate our country’s founding or birthday this Sunday. Which prompts the question: “What are we celebrating?”

In the last several years, we have bemoaned, complained about, and been outraged about much in our country. As is our right and responsibility.

However, it is also true that there is MUCH to celebrate about the United States of America. Especially about what God is doing in our community, particularly through this congregation. Just last week, we hosted and supplied disciples for a community Vacation Bible School that served almost 50 children. We celebrate also hosting a stop for the “Break the Cycle 200” Bicycle Ride to stop Human Trafficking. We can celebrate that this church helped so many people in the pandemic to stay connected to God through worship, fellowship, and prayer—in many different ways.

What if we went about this community celebrating it, our church, and our nation?

Wouldn’t this “evangelism” or sharing be a way of attracting people to a God who pours out abundant blessings all the time?

I encourage you to take 5 minutes this weekend and reflect on what you have to celebrate in the places and people and moments you know.

And, therefore, have a GREAT Fourth of July weekend!


Pastor Doug

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