Weekly Uplift-“In the Middle”

As I fed my father nearly every day in the last week and knew that he is in his last days here, I recalled feeding my grandson about once a week during the last 6 months. Feeding 2 generations. Offering them nourishment, sustenance, care, and love. Being with them as I am able. These experiences struck me as holy moments. Blessings of “presence” and connection and love.


And, faith.


I’m in the middle with these 2 loved ones—caught between a long-lived life (Dad is 93) and a newly beginning life (Linden just turned one and is barely walking).


Similarly . . .

In the middle is where we are as a church.

Caught between a past that has been glorious but recently has had challenges and a future that hopefully will be God’s preferred future for us.

Will we be present to and listen for God’s future?

Will we be faithful to God’s vision?


These are just some of the questions for us “in the middle.”

May God find us to be faithful and disciplined in following Jesus’ path.



Pastor Doug

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