Weekly Uplift-“Celebration and Preparation”

So many holy moments to celebrate this weekend!

Heather Wachendorf’s ordination last Saturday!

Our grandson’s first birthday on Saturday!

Worship on Sunday in which we celebrate God!

The baby dedication of Eli Ziemann on Sunday!

A visit from a good friend of ours from our Glenwood/Omaha days!

As I cherish these moments, I also realize the great discipline needed for each of these events to take place. The planning. The preparation. “Getting stuff.” A year of care and focus on developing a human life. Years of learning and developing a ministry. Cleaning house. Prayer. Caring for infants. Working within a family to make God’s dream come true for a newly ordained pastor! More prayer. Welcoming other people into our lives, churches, and homes. More prayer.

Yes, celebrations are wonderful experiences.

And, celebrations usually mean hours, days, weeks, months, and years of planning, preparation, prayer, and participation.

What disciplines or preparations are you making now for future celebrations?

What are you putting into place in your life to improve it?

What practices are you adopting to better this church and this community?

As we explore disciplines for change in our worship services this July, may you hear the Holy Spirit guide you.


Pastor Doug

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