Weekly Uplift-October 13, 2021

Yesterday, after worship, we headed to nowhere – a cornfield where 181 people live in 59 houses. Luther, Iowa is home to Whatcha Smokin’ BBQ. We’d heard great things about the food, so we had lunch there.
Whatcha Smokin’ had laminated menus like most BBQ joints. The pulled pork was delicious, by the way. But what caught me was the town’s story. Like almost everything else, I googled Luther to learn that, “on September 11, 2014, the Luther City Council accepted a petition from 58 residents asking that the city be discontinued.” The petition required board approval.
In 2010, only 121 people called Luther home. Thankfully, the petition failed. Since that time, the town has grown 24% and several new businesses have sprung up in and around Luther, providing entertainment and employment to this dot in the middle of nowhere. Whatcha Smokin’ is one of those businesses.
After lunch, we headed to Center Grove Orchard in Cambridge – to another Iowa field where apple trees, sunflowers, and pumpkins flourish. The owners planted their first apple tree in 1986, and they now own more than 20 acres with 6,000 trees!
I wonder, if I had lived in Luther in 2014, how I would have voted on the dissolution proposal. Would I have had the vision to hope for a different future? Would I have called it quits and moved closer to a mall, or a movie theater?
I wonder, if I lived in the middle of Iowa cornfields, would I have had the courage to plant an apple tree, and then another, and then another?
When you think something is past its prime, life may be percolating just below the surface. Perhaps a change in seed, or a different business plan is all that’s needed. It’s best to listen. It’s best to choose an abundant life. It’s best to plant and water… God provides the growth.
Pastor Sue

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