Weekly Uplift-“Small Packages”

How does one get something the size of a small pillow to deflate into something the size of a mango? The answer to this question is in essence the art of packing camping supplies in a reasonably small space. I will demonstrate on a couple of camping items during the sermon on Sunday—it will be FUN!!!

Getting things into small packages is challenging at times.

So is putting our lives into small packages. “What do you mean by that, Pastor Doug?” you might ask.

Simply this: our lives can use helpful small packages of guidance, rules, information, and other “compact” wisdom that we can remember and that can helpfully guide us. Phrases like “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “The early bird gets the worm” are helpful small packages of wisdom and morals that direct us toward a good life.

What similar small packages help you?

We will be exploring some of these packages this Sunday.

Please come prepared to welcome the wisdom of the Lord as we discover anew the small packages of the good news of Jesus Christ’s coming to us!


Pastor Doug Pfeiffer

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