Weekly Uplift – “Joy and Light”

We sang about great joy last Sunday—joy that comes in the fulfillment of God’s promise for the world of a Savior and Leader.


Think of a time in your life in which you experienced great joy.

Maybe . . .

Getting a toy you wanted at Christmas.

Passing a test you were concerned about in school.

Having a best friend.

Marrying your best friend.

Having a child or a grandchild.

Landing your best job ever.


Having a special holiday with family.


Whatever the moment, there is probably no question but that this moment led to more light in your life. We will focus on this light this coming Christmas Eve service—as the image of the light over the manger suggests. A light that comes in the child Jesus. A light that overcomes darkness.


As the days have gotten progressively shorter and more darkness claims our world this season, we celebrate this light. A light that is so strong that no darkness can overcome it (John 1:5). As the days now become progressively longer with more light in the world, we trust that Jesus’ light shines brightly in our lives.


What darkness claims your life?

You and I can trust God that Jesus’ light overcomes this darkness.

This light gives us Great Joy, no matter our circumstances.

Praise God for this light, always!



Pastor Doug Pfeiffer

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