Weekly Uplift – “Outlook”

What outlook do you have on your life? Your family? Your community? This nation? The world?How does your outlook shape or affect your well-being?

We will address these important questions this Sunday in worship.

We can think of outlook as the “rails” in our lives that keep us on track.
When we have a healthy and helpful outlook, our well-being increases and we stay on a “wellness” track.
When we have an unhealthy and unhelpful outlook, our well-being decreases.


What goes into a healthy and helpful outlook? What helps us stay on track?
Many factors. See Proverbs 15:19-24 for help in answering this question.


One factor unequivocally helps in staying on track with a healthy outlook and hence have greater well-being:
Regularly helping others through acts of kindness and Christ-like love.Not for ourselves.
Not for “brownie points.”
Not for recognition.
But, for the pure act of faith of following Jesus and staying on track in faith (see Matthew 4:17-22), we help others.
Our outlook improves.
We have greater well-being.
May it be so.
May we stay on track.


Pastor Doug

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