Weekly Uplift – “Get Up!”

Back to Basics. Sometimes that is where we need to turn in life.

Followers of Jesus often use the season of Lent to go back to the basics of our faith. Spiritual practices. A renewed focus on our most basic beliefs. An enhanced sense of our community. This week, we turn to the “basic” of sin and a need for repentance and forgiveness.

In Acts 9 Saul is knocked down, and his sin is held up for him to address. Though, we will explore the depths and details of this story this coming Sunday in worship (beginning at 10 a.m.!!), I ask us to simply look at the basic act of Saul’s being confronted with his sin. And, then the forgiveness that comes after he humbles himself and seeks Jesus’ way.

Have we considered that when we get knocked down,

it might be a basic reminder from God that we need humbling,

                that we need to remember our wrongdoing,

                that we need to realize how we are moving away from God,

                that we need to acknowledge our sin?

How are you being knocked down?

As we read on through chapter 9, we note that forgiveness comes through the person of Ananias. Saul gets knocked down, but the Church—through Ananias—is there to pick him up, to help him spiritually, to lead him toward redemption.

The Church is here for us to . . .

                a place to confess our sin and our sins;

                people who will help us lead a better life;

                a group that has answers to life’s most basic questions

                                —such as, how do I get right with God.

Come to church—wherever and however church is for you this Sunday—and get picked up!


Pastor Doug

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