Weekly Uplift-“Fill ‘er Up”

“Fill ‘er up!” Some of us may remember telling the gas station attendants to do this waaaaayyyy back in the 1960’s. Or, asking waitstaff at a restaurant to replenish a soft drink. Or, asking our moms or dads to fill our glass of milk or water. And, usually, the person asked would top off our gas tank or fill our glass of soda or top off our cup of milk.

The “filling” referred to above would give us the requisite energy to go on down the road doing what we had planned to do.
Such a “filling” is similar to that given by a God who seeks to replenish our energies, lift up our spirits, and give us the wherewithal to accomplish our tasks for the day . . . as well as our mission for life (as God wants us to live).
First, we have to purge ourselves of our sin—something we saw last week.
Next, we must fill ourselves with something good from God or else the sin will come back and take over us. Luke 11:24-26 relays this process, and we take a closer look at this passage this coming Sunday.
In preparation for this story, I ask us to consider something we need to purge . . . and then asking God to re-fill us with God’s own Spirit.
And, be blessed by the “Fill ‘Er Up” experience that God gives!
Pastor Doug

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