Weekly Uplift 04.07.2022 “Hope”

What does the word “Hope” mean to you? If we were to all share our thoughts about this word, we would probably get a variety of responses.
From Mark 11:1-10—our scripture reading for this Sunday in which the author of Mark relates a version of what happened on Palm Sunday—I suggest that Hope means . . .
God shows up how and where and when we do not expect;
God is involved in our lives, in our present, and in our future;
God’s Presence in our lives is praiseworthy and lifts us up;
That we are able to endure and persist in even life’s most difficult circumstances;
Community, in which we find love and grace.
As we approach Palm Sunday that launches Holy Week next week, I suggest we reflect on the Mark 11 scripture reading and the implications this passage has for our spiritual and everyday lives, including the 5 items I’ve listed above.
May we find ourselves uplifted.
So that we are blessings to ourselves and to others.
Pastor Doug

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