Weekly Uplift-October 20, 2021


I should write a poem about Sedum

how it dresses in camouflage all spring and summer –

aloof to the daylilies showing off in the rock garden

ignoring the elephant-ears, standing sentry

at the deck stairs.


I should mention the torment of bees suffered in silence,

and the vole that upset turf and gardener in equal portions.


Or perhaps, I should turn to the hydrangea

that labors still under the weight of pink,

or the tulips and iris

who knew enough to get started early.


But each requires a different soil —

a different reservoir —

their own unique mixture of indulgence and obstinence.


Comparison is useless.


For today, I’ll watch as the flash of red

waves to golfers whose eyes are fixed elsewhere,

and be thankful for October’s surprise

fading too quickly into November’s mist.


              Written by Pastor Sue Woods

Weekly Uplift-October 13, 2021