Praise God that-after Church Board action March 9, 2021—we are moving to in-person worship (if the number of Covid-19 cases continues to decline in our area) starting with Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021. The success of this venture depends on how we stay safe and keep others safe. So, here are a few protocols/behaviors that you are asked to follow:

  1. NO reservations needed to participate in worship.
  2. Please wear a mask at all times (extras are available as you enter the sanctuary), only slightly moving it to take communion.
  3. Please stay at least 6’ away from others not in your family at all times. Please do NOT sit in the sections of the pews that have blue tape X’s.
  4. Please enter the building by the EAST door and exit by the WEST door, except when you need to take the elevator to exit. When you exit, please observe the 6’ distance rule.
  5. Please bring your own communion or use the packages provided at the East entrance to the sanctuary. It is wise to have the top part (for the wafer) of the package open BEFORE communion time because the packages can be difficult to open.
  6. Please place your offering in the offering plate at the East or the West entrances to the sanctuary.
  7. Please use the hand sanitizer available at the East and West entrances to the sanctuary as you need.
  8. If/When you sing, please sing softly and into your mask.
  9. When you are done with your communion and at the end of the service, please dispose of your empty package at the waste basket at the East or West entrance to the sanctuary (whichever you use to depart).
  10. Please know how GRATEFUL we are that you follow these GUIDELINES AND KEEP YOURSELF AND OTHERS SAFE!! Let’s worship the Living God through Jesus the Christ!!!