SEPTEMBER DONATION DRIVE Sunday, September 26 our guest speaker will be from Bureau of Refugee Services.  We would like to present him with items for Afghan refugees.  First Christian Church is accepting donations of the following items:  hygiene products such as dental care and feminine hygiene products, pots and pans, dishes, utensils, all sizes of baby diapers, formula, and monetary donations.  They specifically do not need clothes at this time.  They also do not want furniture at this time because they have no place to store it.  Please bring your donations to the church and put them in the labeled totes on the south side of the Fellowship Hall by Thursday, September 23.  Monetary donations may be dropped off or mailed to the church office or placed in offering plate during the month of September.  Questions, please contact the church office 515-993-4514.

Saturday, October 9, from 9:00-11:00 a.m. in the church basement.  All sizes, infant through adult, available. All are welcome! Everything is free!


  1. How long is the sabbatical and what are the dates of its duration? The duration of the Pastor’s sabbatical is 13 weeks. The sabbatical will begin on August 16 and conclude November 15, 2021.
  2. Do other churches give sabbaticals? How long are they? Yes other churches give their pastors a sabbatical. Many Disciples’ churches have given their pastors sabbaticals in the last 50 years. Typically, a pastor’s sabbatical is 3 months, but they can vary from one month to a whole year.
  3. Won’t the pastor just be looking for another church to serve during the sabbatical? Absolutely Not.
  4. Is the pastor leaving Adel for that time and relocating somewhere else in this time frame? No. Pastor Doug will spend most of his time at home reading books and articles, engaging in prayer, and talking with God during exercise. He will visit five churches during this time for about a day each, gaining insights from them that can help our church. He will also go on reflective trips with wife Debbie in which he journals, trying to pull together his insights from all of these activities to help our church.
  5. Didn’t we get a grant for this sabbatical? Yes, Reflective Leadership Grant by Duke Divinity.  Where will this money go? Pay Pastor Sue salary, Pastor Doug’s travel expenses, and books for Sabbatical.
  1. Will there be an event to mark the beginning of the sabbatical? Sunday, August 15 after church in Fellowship Hall.
  2. Who will be pastor during the sabbatical? Pastor Sue Woods
  3. What will we be doing during the sabbatical? Pastor Sue will be leading us in the study of 4 topics of the day: Hunger & food insecurity, ethnicity & diversity, disaster & response, & support for our aging population. Devote 3 Sundays to these topics. Review and guest speakers.  Congregation will gather discuss ideas on being solution to these issues.
  1. Isn’t this just an extended vacation for the pastor, where he gets paid and is not working? Pastor Doug will spend time at home reading articles, books, and engaging in prayer. Talking with God during exercise. Visiting 5 churches. Take reflective trips with his wife.  Journal and pull together his insight and bring with him when he returns.
  2. What do we hope to gain—pastor and congregation—from the sabbatical? Time of renew focus and rest for Pastor Doug and the Congregation. Congregation focus on the four topics provided by Sabbatical team.
  1. What will happen after the sabbatical? Will there be an event to mark the ending of the sabbatical? There will be a “Together Again” experience in which Pastor Doug and the Congregation come back together and share what they’ve learned during the sabbatical. Highlights from Pastor Doug’s report will be shared. 
  2. Will the agency from which we received the grant get some kind of report from our experience? Yes. Pastor Doug, working with FCC leaders, will compose a report that is due by the end of 2021.

Questions, contact the Sabbatical Team:  Steve Venard, Lori Schultze, Abby Crannell, Kevin Howe, & Della Weems.

The Personnel Committee has designed a revised Job Description for our Youth Program Coordinator and this new announcement:  

Adel First Christian Church has an opening for a Youth Program Coordinator. The ideal candidate is a practicing Christian who has prior experience with youth, excellent communication skills, self-motivated, and is a Spiritual Leader who has a passion for working with children and families. This spiritual leader will serve an average of 10 hours per week. Compensation is comparable to that of similar positions. For more information, contact Office Manager, Lisa at fccadeloffice@gmail.com or 515.993.4514.

Please share this invitation for this position to as many people as you know.  Thank you!