November 1, 2020                           “John: Full of Grace and Truth”
This sermon emphasizes the unity, grace, and joy of following Jesus.
November 8, 2020                          “John: Wedded to God” 
This sermon offers the beginning of Jesus’ ministry as great celebration which highlights our relationship with God.
November 15, 2020                          “John: From Darkness to Light”
This sermon shows how God’s perspective on our lives can shed light into dark places and overturn previously held ideas so that we are changed for the better.
November 22, 2020                          “John: Washing Feet”
In this sermon, we focus on service and making friends of people, even when this is difficult. In such difficulties and service, we highlight the joy of family and friendship.
November 24, 2020 Adel Ministerial Association Community Thanksgiving Worship Service
Link to be posted on Tuesday 24th
November 29, 2020                           “Mary’s Mighty Mercy”
In this sermon, we focus on Mary’s example of quiet reflection amid the turmoil in her life as well as the hope she receives from the mighty mercy of God, found in the hymn she sings in these verses.