Weekly Uplift-“I Believer Help My Unbelief”

In these times of shifts, changes, challenges, losses, etc., I wonder about our faith.

Do we still believe in a God who promises us a hopeful future?

Do we still have faith that this God is working in our lives and in our communities to achieve good and holy results?

Do we still believe that God’s Spirit is giving us life and transforming us into better children of God?

Do we still believe that Jesus can lead us toward a better tomorrow?

These are good questions that challenge us take a serious look at our faith this Lenten season. If needed, we can let God lead us toward changes that will redirect us toward Jesus’ Way. And, if needed, we can simply let God love us into being healed.

The story for this Sunday’s worship in Mark 9:14-29 is about healing. We might think that it is a simple story of “Jesus sees a need for healing, and so he heals someone.” This story is much more complicated than this simple rendering. This story causes us to take a deep look at our own profound need for healing. And, this story also directs us to scrutinize closely the healers among us—including ourselves.

One vital truth we can observe from the story is that we are a mixture of good and sin, positive and negative, belief and unbelief. With the father, who is the hero of this story, we can truthfully say, “I believe; help my unbelief.” May this truth be received in our lives deeply this week—with all its meaning seeping into our thoughts, reflections, feelings, and behavior.

“What can we do in such times as these?” We can follow God into the messy business of healing—as receiver and giver.

I invite you to participate in worship this Sunday through the links below so that you can get a richer sense of healing through this scripture.

May God bless your healing this week.


Pastor Doug

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