Weekly Uplift-“Endings”

When we experience major changes in our lives, we actually begin with endings, according to William Bridges, author of the seminal book Transitions. Something typically ends before something new begins. Bridges writes about a 3-step process typical for in any major change: Ending, Period of Confusion and Distress, A New Beginning.

As we consider several major changes we have gone through or are going through, we can use the insights from Bridges work to better understand what is happening to us. As examples, we might consider the changes in our lives that Covid 19 brought. We might consider the changes in our church as we move into a sabbatical time. We might consider changes in a friendship that has gotten closer or more distant.

We look at this process this Sunday by looking at “Endings.” Please consider what major change(s) you recently are going through/have gone through. Reflect upon the endings you experienced. And, most importantly for us believers, pray about where God is/was in this process. What is God seeking that you (and I) to do differently? Where is God in this change? Where is God asking us to go in our lives with this change?

I believe such an examination of changes can truly help them to be experienced as blessings, rather than annoyances.

May you and I be blessed with the changes God is leading in our lives.


Pastor Doug