Weekly Uplift-“Living a Whole Life”

What does it mean for us to live a whole life? We focus on this question this Sunday as we continue to look at The Gospel of Luke’s “Road to Riches” theme for our life and faith. How can we enrich our life and faith by looking at them more wholistically?

What might happen to us if we changed how we look at our lives from just focusing on individual things all the time—like events, happenings, values, thoughts, feelings, etc.—and we transitioned our perspective to viewing them more wholistically—as our “puzzle person” in the photo suggests? We could meditate or reflect more on the riches of how the different aspects of our lives come together to make a wonderful whole. We could then celebrate the unity of our life.

We will find in this Sunday’s worship that Luke’s use of the word “heart” includes a unity of emotion, body, will, intuition, and thought. We will see how Luke uses heart often to indicate how important moments in the Jesus story involve the richness of this unity.

To begin to explore this theme, I simply ask us to view our lives as a rich unity of gifts from God that includes our feelings, body, will, and intuition.

Moreover, when we offer this unity—that comprises “me” and “you”—to God in thanksgiving (something we recently celebrated just last week) God can do marvelous things with us.

So, let’s give this unity to God and see what God does!


Pastor Doug