Weekly Uplift-“Full of Grace and Truth”

How do we received Joy? This is John’s question to us in John’s gospel, which we explore this Sunday and subsequent Sundays in November. In this article, I will begin to answer this question.

But, first . . .

In September, my beloved and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. There is much to celebrate—as this photo indicates—including our grandson Linden and a Packer win last week!!!

What thoughts do 20 years of marriage bring to me? Well, several. Love. Fun. Sharing a life together. Conflict. Compromise. Adventures. Loving family. Struggling with family. Blessings. Joy. Love. And, a host of others.

But, two words can sum up our relationship: grace and truth. They are important words.

For us to thrive in our marriage, we have had to practice . . . and learn . . . and re-learn grace and truth.

How to give grace to each other in moments of truth-telling.

How to speak truth to each other in a grace-filled way.

How to simply be silent and, out of grace, let the other person tell their truth.

It is not a coincidence that these words are used to describe God’s greatest gift to the world (John 3:16) in the first part of John’s gospel (1:17).

If God fills God’s gift to us with Grace and Truth, what does this say about how we received Joy in our lives?

May we accept and receive joy in our lives through living Grace and Truth, always.


Pastor Doug